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Our Story

Edu&Kate's was inspired by the deep emotional connection and experience of its founders with their son Pedro, who is on the autism spectrum.

Now Pedro is all grown up, but his parents have always had to be resourceful since day one. They encountered countless challenges because they couldn't find the right resources tailored to their unique situation. So that no one else would have to go through what they did to connect with their child, Edu&Kate's was born, a project created by parents for parents.

Our main goal is to help. To help as many parents, guardians, and professionals as possible so that they can teach, educate, and interact with those in their care in a fun and inclusive way. With this approach, we will live in a world where special needs people will be able to connect and express themselves in a manner that the ones in their lives are able to better understand them, living a life full of love and mutual comprehension.

“Edu&Kate's was able to guarantee Pedro a job.

Pedro was integrated into our company, which created an assembly line in an outsourcing regime that provides assembly and packaging services for clients, employing other young people with special needs.”

- Víctor Pereira

"A boy with ASD lives in a world of his own!

We had to develop therapeutic material, under the psychologist's guidance, to be able to work with Pedro. Colors, shapes, fruits, animals, transportation, family, whatever was necessary to try to get Pedro to communicate with us because he doesn't verbalize, that is, he doesn't speak. Besides this, to also know if he was in pain, in a bad mood, angry, sick, etc., this material helped Pedro and made him much more expressive, which also helped us understand him better!"

- Virgínia Pereira