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Staged Based Learning

Stage 1

If your child is starting out, choose these games focus on the basics using real images, they help little ones grasp and connect with the world around them.

Stage 2

When your child is forming mental images and ready for more, move to to this stage. Here, they explore actions, professions, and shapes.

Stage 3

If your child is connecting the dots between ideas and solving problems logically, Stage 3 is the next step. It's about emotions and more complex concepts.

Stage 4

Ready for a broader adventure? Choose Stage 4 when your child is soaking up exciting ideas beyond the basics, reading, and writing with growing confidence. Each stage builds on the last, tailoring the experience to your child's evolving abilities.


"Great toys for children, especially autistic children. I wish you success and may the project grow. Looking forward to other toys from Edu&Kates"

Rui Silva

"Excellent! I confirm all the qualities of the Super Combo Kit, the students love it and we have verified good results."

Filipa França, Teacher

"The little ones will love it! I was just recently using the Super Mind for a session and one mom was thrilled. She loved it! Even more so when we talk about the mission and the whole Project!"