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Staged Based Learning

Basic Knowledge

In the initial phase, children begin their fascinating exploration of the world of fundamental knowledge. From the intriguing universe of the alphabet to vibrant colors, geometric shapes, animals, and more, each activity becomes a gateway to the wonder of learning.

Emotional and Social Development

In this stage, children begin to understand family relationships and emotional connections. Additionally, they develop the ability to identify, associating concepts such as body parts and clothing.

Environment and Daily Routines

In this stage, children have the opportunity to turn daily routines into joyful learning moments. From everyday actions to transportation, places, and more, these games transform their daily activities into exciting discoveries.

 Understanding of the World

In this last Stage, children discover a window to a world full of possibilities. From exploring professions to immersing themselves in music and world cultures, these games inspire curiosity and respect for diversity.


"Great toys for children, especially autistic children. I wish you success and may the project grow. Looking forward to other toys from Edu&Kates"

Rui Silva

"Excellent! I confirm all the qualities of the Super Combo Kit, the students love it and we have verified good results."

Filipa França, Teacher

"The little ones will love it! I was just recently using the Super Mind for a session and one mom was thrilled. She loved it! Even more so when we talk about the mission and the whole Project!"