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We believe that each child is unique and special, and each should learn at their own pace so our games are based on learning by stages, regardless of age.

In this stage, we have games that are perfect for kids who are just starting to learn about the world. These games use a lot of real images to help children understand and perceive the world around them.

It's all about getting that initial knowledge, learning the basics of the world, and forming mental images and recognizing objects. So cool, right? It means your little ones are starting to mentally represent the things around them!

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During this exciting second stage of development, kiddos are able to create mental images of familiar concepts. They start absorbing new ideas about various actions, professions, and even different shapes. Little ones usually become more confident in using both simple and complex sentences when explaining what they see around them.

As they grow, they begin to develop their own imagination and memory skills, which help create even richer pictures in their minds. It's fascinating to watch as they begin to observe the world more closely and gain a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

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During this stage, children are growing and building on their previous knowledge by exploring more complex concepts such as emotions. They are gaining a greater ability to think critically and logically to find solutions to real-world problems.

As they develop, kids are also learning how to group objects and symbols based on similarities or differences. It's amazing to see how they are growing socially as well, becoming more empathetic and understanding of moral concepts like right and wrong.

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During this stage, kiddos are soaking up all sorts of exciting new ideas beyond the basics. Plus, they're starting to get the hang of reading and writing - or maybe they can already read! This means they can put words to concepts, even without a picture to help them out. And when it comes to tricky puzzles and shapes, they're getting good - with or without having seen similar things before.

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