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Stage 1 Kit - Volume 2

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Looking for a way to add a little magic and excitement to your child's life? Our Stage 1 Kit - Volume 2 is just what you need! This kit has fun association games and a cool shape sorter that will take your little one on a journey of wonder and imagination. They'll learn all about geometry, fruits, and colors while having an absolute blast. It's a fantastic way to give them a head start in life and create some amazing memories together. Give your little one a head start in life and spark their curiosity with this amazing kit!


  • Super Combo Images - Fruit 1
  • Super Combo Symbols - Colors 1
  • GEOmini

Skills Developed

  • Visual Perception
  • Tactile Perception
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Attention
  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Logical Mathematical Intelligence



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