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Stage 4 Kit - Volume 4

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Stage 4 Kit - Volume 4 is an awesome educational kit that makes learning about geometric shapes super fun! With this kit, you get to build cool puzzles using colorful blocks and learn how to associate them with different shapes. The best part is that it comes with a set of matches in three different colors (blue, orange, and green), so you can create all sorts of interesting combinations and let your creativity soar. Plus, there are 9 cards with 18 solutions to play with, which will help you become a master at independent play. Trust us, this game is a total blast!


  • Poly Match - Blue
  • Poly Match - Green
  • Poly Match - Orange 

Skills Developed

  • Visual Perception
  • Tactile Perception
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Attention
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence


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